Past Events

2017 Event Highlights

Kerr-McGee Site Cleanup Meeting

GoGreen soilShop

The Eastside Environmental Council and Sundance Urban Farm will host the First Annual FREE Go Green soilShop July 16, 2016 from 10am until 2pm. Collect two or three soil samples from your yard and place the sample into a zip lock bag. Local environmental technicians will screen your soil sample for lead free of charge!


Resident Quote

“The Eastside Environmental Council is a Guardian Angel for my Community Village.”

— Ariane L. Randolph

Board Member Quote

“What you do can be good or it can be bad but when it comes to the consequences ethier way your happy or sad.”

— Mrs. I. Bowlson


“A community with disparity has very little to learn because they live it graciously with a lot of equity they’ve earned so if you visit one, a community that’s in despair just pull up a chair and ask them what is going on they’ll take you there.”

— Mrs. W. Wright