Redevelopment in the Eastside

Lack of redevelopment is a huge concern to us living in the Eastside. Our community is economically disadvantaged, with above average unemployment rates. It’s part of the reason why the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Brownfields Redevelopment Program is actively involved in the Jacksonville area.

The Brownfields Programs empowers communities, local governments and other stakeholders in economic development to work together to prevent, assess, clean up and reuse brownfields. A brownfield site is property which may be complicated by actual or perceived environmental contamination during the expansion, redevelopment or reuse of the property.

The Eastside makes up part of the largest Brownfield Site in Duval County called the Pilot Project Area BF160001000.

Within this large site are several other smaller Brownfield sites including:

The Shipyards – BF160001002
2100 Dennis Street Remediation Trust – BF160001003
Ford Assembly Redevelopment – BF160001004
Hogan’s Creek Site, Parcel 1A – BF160001006
Hogan’s Creek Site, Parcel 1B – BF160001007
Keystone/Wigmore Street – BF160001008
Riverside Avenue Brownfield – BF160001009
North Point Brownfield Site – BF160001010

Outside of the large project are:

1915 Wigmore Street (Jacksonville Maritime Partners) – BF160505000 
5441 West 5th Street – BF161101000
In-steel Wire Products Area – BF160502000
L&M Griffin Properties #3 Brownfield Area – BF161403000
Raven Transport Holding Area – BF160203000 

Resident Quote

“The Eastside Environmental Council is a Guardian Angel for my Community Village.”

— Ariane L. Randolph

Board Member Quote

“What you do can be good or it can be bad but when it comes to the consequences ethier way your happy or sad.”

— Mrs. I. Bowlson


“A community with disparity has very little to learn because they live it graciously with a lot of equity they’ve earned so if you visit one, a community that’s in despair just pull up a chair and ask them what is going on they’ll take you there.”

— Mrs. W. Wright