Board Members

Wynetta Wright
  (EEC President Wynetta Wright) 
  • Wynetta Wright — Founder
  • Maeve Casey —  Board Chair
  • Karissa Moffet — Committee Chair
  • Amanda Moscrip — Treasurer
  • Katie Kiefaber — Secretary
  • Carol Miller — Attorney
  • Teena Anderson — Development Manager
  • Dr. John Pauly — Consultant
  • Anne L Bean — Community Member
  • Veronica B McDade — Community Member
  • Albert Florence — Community Member
Resident Quote

“The Eastside Environmental Council is a Guardian Angel for my Community Village.”

— Ariane L. Randolph

Board Member Quote

“What you do can be good or it can be bad but when it comes to the consequences ethier way your happy or sad.”

— Mrs. I. Bowlson


“A community with disparity has very little to learn because they live it graciously with a lot of equity they’ve earned so if you visit one, a community that’s in despair just pull up a chair and ask them what is going on they’ll take you there.”

— Mrs. W. Wright